Luella Cashmere Tank Top Jumper - Hot Pink


The tank top jumper is so in this season! They are super versatile, can be styled so many different ways and this material of jumper in particular is so soft!

Style your tank top jumper with a white shirt or a shirt with matching pink tones or simply style this tank on it’s own with a pair of white or demin wash jeans for the ultimate smart/casual look! Head to our Facebook page for more fashion tips here or view the rest of the collection here


One Size – Fits Size 8 – 14


Made in Italy from 50% cashmere, 40% merino wool, 10% polyamide.

Garment Care:

We recommend washing Luella knitwear by hand using a detergent designed for cashmere, wool or delicate fabrics. Baby shampoo can be a great, gentle alternative. You can also launder your Luella knitwear on a hand wash cycle in the washing machine at no more than 30 degrees. For best results place the knitwear in a laundry net and don’t spin at more than 700rpm. Never wring your cashmere garment – lay it out flat on a towel and gently ease it into shape before rolling it up in the towel to squeeze out any excess water. Then lay it out flat on a drying rack or a clean towel.

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