How To Look After Your Cashmere Clothing

following on from the launch of our new star cashmere mix jumpers (click here to view) we wanted to provide you with the very best information for when it comes to looking after 100% cashmere clothing.

we got in touch with Alison from Spring Dry Cleaners in easingwold who has over 30 years of EXPERIENCE when it comes to providing the very best care for garments for her advice to enusre that you have the very best information to hand.

Therefore, without further ado, lets get into how to look after your cashmere clothing…

Often when it comes to cleaning cashmere, the usual debate is whether to Hand wash or dry clean? Some labels say dry clean only, some say hand wash only and some say both.


Dry cleaning process is done in the dry cleaner. A very delicate program is used for this delicate fabric. The dry cleaner can pull the item in to shape and using a little steam re shapes it. All ready for wearing. 

How do you wash 100% cashmere?

Washing and drying: by hand, machine or professional

1. Fill your basin with cold water, and add a mild detergent, hand wash delicate soap, baby shampoo, or dish soap.

2. Let your cashmere soak in the basin for five minutes, before rinsing thoroughly.

3. Take out your clothing and fold it up into a ball to get the excess water out.

4. Roll in a towel to get excess water out and dry flat.

We really appreciate Alison providing us with these tips to help you get the very best out of your cashmere clothing. Below we have included a passage from alison which includes a little bit more about her business and what services she provides.

Spring Dry Cleaners

Hello. I am Alison, owner of Spring Dry Cleaners on Spring Street in Easingwold York. Spring Dry Cleaners has been established for over thirty-five years. My parents Frank and Gillian wade started the business and I then joined thirty years ago.   

Our aim is to clean to a high standard. We specialise in all dry cleaning from trousers, suits, coats, skirts, wedding dresses and ties. All garments are hand finished, hung and ready to wear: therefore they require no further airing.

We also provide a cleaning service of household items such as curtains, chair covers, and cushion covers. If I have not mentioned any item that you would like dry cleaning please contact us. We offer a laundry service. Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.

We also offer a duvet laundering service. Where products are too large to be laundered on the premises, they will be laundered externally by a company on behalf of us. This service is also available for other large items including bedspreads, cushions, quilts as well as pillows and takes approximately 1 week.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog post and thank you to alison who provided the information. We hope you’ve found it useful! FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ALISON’S BUSINESS, HEAD OVER TO HER WEBSITE HERE

With Love,

The Hearts Boutique Team x

Disclaimer: it’s worth REITERATING that our new jumpers are cashmere mix therefore we would suggest reading and following the label. The advice given above is for 100% cashmere clothing.

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